Why we do what we do

"In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health to earn money; in the second half, we sacrifice our money to regain health. And during this time, health and life get lost."


The human body is a miracle of nature and designed to perform at its best. We are designed to move often and as a rule intensively. In the past, we had to travel long distances to get our food. We had to hunt and collect fruits and berries on trees and in bushes and finally bring them home. It is estimated that in our primeval times we covered an average of 30 kilometers a day. We have burdened our bodies in many different ways due to the many challenges we faced in everyday life. A mixture of running, walking, swimming, climbing, and sneaking.

Of these movement patterns, only a few are still used in daily life today. Our lives have become much more comfortable in terms of physical demands. Likewise, at least in the industrial nations, we no longer have to worry about the supply of food. Hunting and collecting today consists of going to the supermarket. Whether this development is a step forward or a step back is uncertain. If we look at the situation in the health sector, it is more likely to be a step backwards.

We at MOVE YOUR ASS Personal Training are convinced that everyone is responsible for a very large percentage of their own well-being. By eating healthy food and remaining physically active, one enables the body to do what it was created to do, to stay healthy.

We support people on their way to greater well-being by demonstrating the simplicity of a healthy lifestyle and inspiring them to take the helm again. Those who get involved will sooner or later benefit from a better quality of life.


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